Balance for wholesome living

Balance for Wholesome Living



Your Wholesome Balance Home Base

           This website is a quick reference guide that will help you keep a happy and healthy balance between the many variables on this complex but awesome adventure of life on planet earth. It includes tips on diet, a holistic approach to physical and emotional health, relationships, education and practical spirituality for personal growth.

           Hopefully it will help you towards obtaining your goal in this life, whether it be peace of mind, fame and success, fulfilling your mission in this life, self-actualization or as sublime as the ascension, or just to BE the best you can BE! The bottom line is:

Life is what you make it, in this totally amazing universe!
And to make it our best, we need balance.


How to find what you're looking for:

           Due to the large variety in subject matter on this site, it has been arranged in categories. You can also search this website by using the custom Google search box found in the left margin of every page. There are also links to all the pages in the left margin on every page.


      General Balance: This section includes the majority of the material on this site, which does not fit into any one particular category below. It includes subjects like personal growth, striving and just being, ethics, family and relationships, sexuality, dealing with some of life's thorny issues, joy and seriousness, plus more!

      Physical Exercise: Fitness is easier than you thought!

      Wholesome Diet: Includes general nutrition, weight loss, food combining, supplementation, raw versus cooked food, detoxification etc.

      Emotional Balance: This page covers subjects like emotional control, inner dialogue, balancing harmony with being assertive, expressing our feelings without condemning people, and a calming exercise.

      Intellectual Balance: Includes intellectual knowledge versus soul knowing, attention on our goals balanced with analysing our weak points, accelerated learning, holistic and right-brain education, a visualization exercise etc.

      Spiritual Balance: Includes practical spirituality, trusting in divine destiny versus forging your own, comparative religion, self-worth and humility, spiritual experiences and powers, creation and evolution, the subject of evil, karma & reincarnation and the ascension (the goal of life).

      Balancing Our 4 "Bodies": This covers us as holistic beings. The four categories above, as aspects of our life, need to be balanced with each other. It includes holistic healing and the cause and effect of "dis-ease".

      Balancing the Trinity Within: There is a specific balance between strength, love and wisdom within us that is essential for achieving our goals in life.

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           Questions, comments or need help? Contact us. If you feel this site is worth referring to a friend, please do so. Thanks. : )

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