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Craig Denis Nicholson


Writer, Inspirational Speaker and Professional Pilot.


Craig Nicholson


         Craig Denis Nicholson is a writer, inspirational speaker, professional pilot, and the author of the Wholesome Balance group of websites. He has a great interest in family, photography, nature, birds, geometry and personal growth.

         He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. After High School, he spent 12 years in the South African Air Force as a pilot and flying instructor. He also got interested in research and writing in several areas, including personal and spiritual growth. In the 1980s he self-published “Helping Perspectives," a book of 37 inspirational poems, and "Freedom for South Africans," a booklet on the current political situation in South Africa under apartheid. In it he proposed some non-racial solutions which would foster fairness, security and freedom for all South Africans. He also got involved in volunteer work and public speaking, mainly with The Summit Lighthouse, his spiritual organization of choice. 

         In 1987 he resigned from the Air Force with the rank of Major and as a Flight Commander on 17 Squadron to pursue a civilian flying career. A year later he immigrated to Canada. He has worked in various areas including flying helicopters and as a civil aviation inspector. He flew in the oil patch, in the Arctic, as an Air Ambulance/EMS pilot and for a scheduled helicopter airline service. He continued his research and writing, including on living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. He also wrote a survival and preparedness book, based on his military and aviation training, which is no longer available. In 2000 he created the Balance for Wholesome Living website. (It now also contains websites on poetry, photography, sacred geometry, and the abortion and cannabis debates.)

          He is happily married to a wonderful wife with two children and two grandchildren.


If you are interested in inviting him as a guest speaker on any
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Captain Craig Nicholson - Air Ambulance pilot

Air Ambulance Captain on AW139 Helicopter


Craig Nicholson - Instructor at CFS  Dunnottar

Harvard Instructor at Central Flying School Dunnottar - 1983

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